Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Could do better

What do you do when you can't write? You blog.
Hey ho. Rain, wind, clouds, should be using this time efficiently before term starts and I have to turn my attention back to teaching. I had planned to do so much this summer - get the novel finished (hollow laughter), get fit (even hollower laughter)
Where did it all go? What have I actually achieved?

Not as much as I should. Could do better.

The five chapters are out there in the ether being ignored by my supervisor (or else he is so horrified he can't bear to give me feedback), I'm staring at the outline rearranging scenes and ditching entire chapters - a novella anyone?? And the weather is kindly informing me that summer is nearing the end.

Once term starts I will be head down, nose to the grindstone, elbow to the wheel and a few other idioms. I have a rough outline for lesson plans, a few notes for Assignment briefs, all of which need refining. I have a pile of books I need to re-read and some I need to read for the first time. Amazon have been busy delivering stuff this last week and the pile beside my desk is getting alarmingly high.

The Holiday.

Paxos for a week, wish it was longer, but a week of lying about by a pool in the sun sounds bloody good right now. I love that boyf is such a fascist about holidays. It is the one thing he is really bossy about. I am checking the weather on line every day and was a bit alarmed yesterday to see a storm forecast for the day of our arrival, but that's changed to a few clouds now, so I'm hopeful that it will have blown away by the weekend.

Meanwhile, back to shuffling chapters around.

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